Cuba Travel Update – 7 October 2021

Cuba announced earlier in September that it will start to open travel to the island on 15 November 2021.

Upon arrival in Cuba: 

– Vaccinated Passengers must present a vaccination certificate.

– Likewise, The Cuban Health Authorities will recognize the Digital or Printed QR code.

– The health authorities will recognize all international vaccinations.

– Unvaccinated passengers must present a negative PCR test performed 72 hours before arrival.

– Children from 0 to 12 years old will not require a PCR test. Children from 13 to 18 years old, if not vaccinated, must present a negative PCR test performed 72 hours before arrival.

– PCR tests will be done randomly. 

– Airports and hotels will perform temperature control to rule out possible contagion.

– If when performing a random test or PCR at the airport, a positive infection is detected: if you are a tourist, you will go to the hospital hotel; if you are a national, you will go to the national hospital network.

– Baggage allowance per passenger will be subject to the conditions of the airline.

At destination: 

– Mobility restrictions between provinces will be lifted gradually as health indicators improve, expected as of 15 November 2021.

– Hotels, restaurants, bars and other extra-hotel services such as museums, theatres, natural parks, etc., will open gradually.

– The catalogue tours that existed before the pandemic should open progressively as health indicators improve, the new normality is restored, complying with the hygiene and safety protocol.

– The different tourist areas will gradually begin operations, e.g. Holguín as of 1 October, and Cayo Santa Maria is being evaluated with the authorities to begin operations on 1 November. 

– Night activities will open progressively as health indicators improve, the new normality is restored in compliance with the hygiene and safety protocol.

– Restaurants, bars and nightclubs resume their services complying with the capacity established in the protocols (2 meters distancing). 

– Nautical activities, diving, etc., will be gradually reactivated.

– Transportation will operate gradually as health indicators improve.

– If a tourist becomes ill, there are health personnel in each hotel facility who will apply the established protocol for each case.

– Medical attention will be present in each hotel facility, in each tourist centre as it opens; a hotel is conditioned as a hospital for the care of customers, and there must be guaranteed supplies of PCR or antigen TEST.

– Local tours are subjected to advise from the health authorities. Safety is essential, and authorities have the right to close certain provinces if required to safeguard locals and people travelling through those areas.

About the mask 

– The use of the mask is mandatory for the bus. 

– For the client: it will be mandatory to wear a mask in closed common areas: transportation, restaurants, theatres, etc.

– For the worker: it is mandatory in all work activities.