Do I need a Visa for Cuba?

Understanding the Cuban Tourist Card Requirement

If you’re preparing for a trip to Cuba, you may be wondering about the Cuban Tourist Card and whether you need one. Many travellers share this concern, so we’ve compiled answers to frequently asked questions.

Do I need a Cuban Tourist Card?

For most countries, a Tourist Card is a prerequisite for entering Cuba. Depending on the country, some travellers must obtain their Tourist Card directly from the Cuban Consulate, while others might be exempt. Specifically, all UK and EU nationals must secure a Cuban Tourist Card before embarking on their journey to Cuba.

Some countries do not need a Cuban Tourist Card, and others require applying in person directly through any Cuban Consulate.

Do you know how I can apply?

Online is by far the easiest way to get your Cuban Tourist Card. Cost and other information can be found online at Definition and Cost.

Special Note for US Travelers:

For those travelling from or via the United States or if travelling via any route using an American Passport (USA Nationals), I want you to know that you will need a specialised Pink Tourist Card.

Safe travels, and we hope you have a pleasant journey to Cuba!