Below you will find information about Insurance required by Cuban Authorities to all its visitors.

What does Cuba require?

Cuban authorities require all visitors to have a valid Health Insurance Cover before getting into the country. Introduced a few years back this measure aims to have both, the Cuban government and its Visitors at ease in case of medical treatment required while on holiday.

What do we recommend?

We strongly recommend having Travel-Insurance, making sure that it has a medical cover (health insurance coverage) that covers Cuba as a destination. Travel insurance does cover a broader range of circumstances that may not be medical only, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your holiday.

Can I travel without Medical Cover?

The short answer is, no. However, you can purchase local medical insurance upon arrival, which cost 30 USD. Esen (Seguros Nacionales – National Insurance company) and assistance by Assistur, are sold locally.

PCR Tests for your return

As many countries require travellers to take a PCR test before their inbound journey (return home), private clinics and health centres in Cuba offer private PCR test throughout the island. The private PCR test cost around 30 USD and can be taken 72 hours before your flight. Please contact your nearest Clinic or InfoTur office while in Cuba, for more information.