What does Cuba require?

Cuban authorities require all visitors to have valid Health Insurance before entering the country. Travel Insurance most likely has medical coverage (check insurance policies). Check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.

What do we recommend?

We strongly recommend having Travel Insurance, ensuring that it has medical coverage that includes Cuba as a destination. Travel insurance covers a broader range of circumstances that may not be medical only, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your holiday. We recommend Just Travel Cover for simplicity, and they have kindly offered our customers a 10% discount using code ” JGFT10 “.

Can I travel without a Medical Cover?

While it’s not advisable to travel without Medical Coverage, we understand that circumstances may vary. If you find yourself without insurance upon arrival in Cuba, you can purchase local medical Insurance. These options are provided by Esen (Seguros Nacionales—National Insurance company) and Assistur and cost approximately 2.5 USD per day.

Please look at the FCO Travel to Cuba section for up-to-date information.