Below you will find information about Insurance required by Cuban Authorities for all its visitors.

Do I need to fill out the new Advance Travel Information?

You can fill in the Advance travel information form, although it will only be compulsory from 1st January 2022. When visiting the site, please choose the language and then continue to fill in the form.

What does Cuba require?

Cuban authorities require all visitors to have a valid Health Insurance Cover before entering the country. Travel Insurance most likely has a medical cover (check insurance policies). Check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.

What do we recommend?

We strongly recommend having Travel Insurance, ensuring that it has a medical cover (health insurance coverage) that covers Cuba as a destination. Travel insurance does cover a broader range of circumstances that may not be medical only, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your holiday.

Can I travel without a Medical Cover?

The short answer is no. However, you can purchase local medical Insurance upon arrival, which costs around 2.5 USD daily. Esen (Seguros Nacionales – National Insurance company) and assistance by Assistur are sold locally.

Please check the FCO Travel to Cuba section for up-to-date information.