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What is a Cuba Tourist Visa:

Securing a Cuban Tourist Card, often called a Cuba Visa or Cuba Holiday Visa, is crucial in preparing for your upcoming holiday in Cuba. This document is essential for boarding your flight to Cuba and functions separately from your passport. Unlike a mere stamp, it is a standalone piece of identification we can quickly issue and dispatch to your doorstep.

Every traveller, including adults, children, and infants, requires a Cuban Tourist Card. This card permits a single entry and exit and allows for a maximum stay of 90 days in Cuba from your arrival date. If you wish to extend your stay, the Tourist Card can be extended for another 90 days while in Cuba, bringing the maximum number of days a tourist can stay in the country to 180 days.

Obtaining a Cuban Tourist Card is straightforward. Our service ensures that you receive your card promptly and without hassle. This simple yet essential step ensures you are fully prepared for your journey, allowing you to focus on enjoying your holiday.

It’s important to note that the Cuban Tourist Card is distinct from other types of visas. We specialize in processing tourist cards only. For other visa types, you must contact the nearest Cuban Consulate.

In summary, the Cuban Tourist Card is an indispensable document for anyone planning a trip to Cuba. It’s your ticket to explore this vibrant and culturally rich destination, ensuring you meet all entry requirements and can enjoy your stay to the fullest. With our efficient service, you can secure your card quickly and start your Cuban adventure with peace of mind.

Do I need a Cuban tourist card to go on holiday to Cuba?

Yes, you do.

If you are going to Cuba for tourist purposes, all you will need is a Cuban Tourist Card; adults, Children and Infants need one, too. If you require any other type of Visa, please get in touch with the Cuban Consulate directly. There is no electronic tourist card (currently); it is a physical document.

We are pleased to announce that Electronic Cuban Tourist Cards will be available for our valued customers in late 2024. Our team is working diligently to finalise all the necessary work to ensure a seamless roll-out of this new type of document. Once it’s finished, we’ll be sure to share all the pertinent details about how to apply for the card and its final prices. The Cuban Tourist Card’s physical and electronic versions will remain valid for travel throughout 2024.

Thank you for your continued support and trust.

Some countries are excluded from the requirement to obtain a Cuban tourist card; please CLICK HERE to learn more.  Other countries must apply directly to the nearest Cuban Consulate.

If you hold a non-UK passport and your nationality is listed on our online form, you can conveniently submit your application through our online platform. This streamlined process is designed to make your travel preparations easier.

If you plan to travel from or via the USA to Cuba, apply for a Pink Tourist Card. Please read more information here. A Pink Tourist Card costs £59 per person plus a one-off fee of £17 for processing and posting

Who Can We Issue Cuban Tourist Cards For?

You can use our service if your country is listed in our application form.

List of Countries that are Exempt of a Cuban Tourist Card.

List of Countries that Must Apply Directly with the Cuban Consulate.

Visa Policy of Cuba

How much does a Cuban Tourist Card cost?

Below you will find the prices which include our administration charge.

We can currently post to a UK address only.

IMPORTANT: For extra safety and insurance, we recommend using Special Delivery; in this way, your Tourist Card(s) will be traceable and customarily delivered the next working day by Royal Mail. Please note that 1st Class Post is not insured if your postage gets lost in the Royal Mail network (however, it requires a signature upon delivery). Please click here for more info on Royal Mail 1st class postage.

  • You can apply for up to TEN Cuban Tourist Cards on one application.
  • The base cost is 27 GBP per Tourist Card, including postage on 1st class Signed-for Royal Mail service.
  • We only charge ONCE per application for Special Delivery (+ £7) or Priority Service (+ £12, which includes Special Delivery)