Cuba Tourist Card

Official Cuban Tourist Card issued and posted in the UK.

A Cuban Tourist Card is a simple yet crucial part of travelling to Cuba.

Who needs a Cuban Tourist Card:

All European travellers, adults, children and infants need a Cuban Tourist Card. There is a list of exempt countries.

Who can apply using Cuba Visa UK?

Our online form has all nationalities who can apply online using our services. Just so you know, we can only post to UK addresses at the moment. There is; however, a list of nationalities that do need to apply directly through the nearest Cuban Consulate can be found here:

Type of Tourist Card:

There are two types of Cuban Tourist Cards.

1) Green Cuban Tourist Card, valid to enter Cuba from anywhere except the USA by Plane. You Can Get these Tourist Cards with Us; click here to buy your Cuban Tourist Card.

2) Pink Tourist Card: Anyone who travels via the USA or from the USA to Cuba needs to obtain a Pink Tourist Card. There are a few details that you need to know before you decide to buy your flight on this route, like the need for a full USA Tourist Visa, not an ESTA; more information can be read at which applies to any citizenship that has the ESTA Waiver Visa program, regardless where you fly from. If you travel to Cuba with an American Passport, regardless of where you fly from, you will need a Pink Tourist Card.

We at Cuba Visa provide green tourist cards, simple and easy process. Posting from our London Office, we give the Oficial Cuban Tourist Cards.

Any questions do not hesitate to contact us.