Travelling from the USA to Cuba info for UK travellers

Information for Travellers going to Cuba from or Via the USA.

Please read the information sent below:

Information from The Cuban Consulate in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  1. If you wish to travel to Cuba via the USA or have an American Passport, you must get a Pink Tourist Card.
  2. According to USA regulations, people travelling to Cuba (regardless of nationality) through or from the USA must fill in a form (affidavit) declaring the reason for their travel to Cuba under the 12 categories approved by the US Government, which allows its citizens to travel to Cuba. A Pink Cuban Tourist Card only applies if you fly from or via the USA or travel with an American Passport. If you are not travelling from or via the USA or will not be travelling with an American Passport, you can apply for a Green Tourist Card.
  3. We recommend you visit and contact your travel agency, tour operator or airline before travelling to Cuba through or from the USA.

IMPORTANT: If you travel to Cuba via the USA, you will need a Full USA Tourist Visa, not an ESTA. To apply for a Full Tourist Visa for the USA, please visit here:

19  December 2023

Note: You can get a Pink Tourist Card for Cuba from us. Apply for your Pink Tourist Card online.

You can apply for a Green Tourist Card if you travel from any country except the USA or have a USA Passport. If you travel via or From the USA to Cuba or Have an American Passport, you will need a Pink Tourist Card.