Travelling from the USA to Cuba info for UK travellers

On 19th December 2017 the Cuban Consulate issue an official statement regarding travelling from or via the USA to Cuba to all UK travellers. Please read the information sent below:

Information note of the Consulate of the Republic of Cuba in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  1. Due to the laws and regulations of the US economic and commercial blockade against Cuba, the US migration authorities do not allow you, regardless of your nationality, to travel to Cuba through or from the USA with the Cuban Tourist Card (Visa) issued in your country of origin.
  2. According to those regulations, people travelling to Cuba through or from the USA must fill in a form (affidavit) declaring the reason of your travel to Cuba under the 12 categories approved by the US Government which allows its citizens to travel to Cuba. It only applies if you fly from or via the USA. If you go for example USA to Canada and then to Cuba, you can apply for a Green Tourist Card with
  3. After filling in the form, you will be able to purchase the Cuban Tourist Card (Visa) called Pink Card from a travel agency or at an airport of the USA, which is only sold in the USA and allows you to travel to Cuba through o from the USA.
  4. The Cuban Tourist Card (Visa) issued in our Consulates is valid for flying to Cuba directly from any country of the world, but through or from the USA, according to American airlines regulations.
  5. We recommend you to visit and to contact your travel agency, tour operator or airline before travelling to Cuba through or from the USA.

19  December 2017

Note: We recommend contacting your airline provider in the USA to ask how would you get a Pink Tourist Card for Cuba. They should be able to provide more information about this tourist card.

If the above does not affect you and you are travelling from the UK or any other country other than the USA, please apply using our service.