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Why should I get my Cuban Tourist Cards through CubaVisa.UK?

  • We are UK based, independent Tour Operator, entirely Cuban Consulate Approved Tourist Cards
  • CubaVisa.uk address is: Travelfab Ltd, China Works, Black Prince Road, London, SE1 7SJ
  • Secure site and 3D Secure payments for your peace of mind
  • With over 1200 Independent reviews, where travellers just like you, have used our service.
  • Simple pricing where you only pay once for Special or Priority service, up to 5 tourist cards in one application.
  • Our Telephone number: 02071481727

Please note, a Cuban Tourist Card is a physical document that needs to arrive on the post to you, there is no such a thing as an electronic tourist card for Cuba. You DO need to have a Cuban Tourist Card before your flight.

Note: if you need help booking flights, accommodation or else, please contact us below or send a request form to our parent company TravelFab who will be happy to assist.

About Cuba Visa

Hola y Bienvenidos a Cuba Visa! A division of Travelfab Ltd, a tour operator that specialises in holidays to Cuba.

Cuba Visa is a one-stop shop for your tourist visa needs!

Yes, it’s easy as one, two, and three–You can do it anytime and anywhere right at your fingertips. Cuba Visa UK is the answer to your tourist visa needs for Cuba. We can provide you with your tourist visa and deliver it right to your doorstep.

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Why Cuba visa?

In Cuba Visa, we help you take away the worries and hassle when it comes to acquiring your Cuba Tourist Visa, Great service and savings all the way. No need to personally go to the Cuban Consulate, we will do the processing for you and deliver it right to your doorstep, hassle-free.

What our customers are saying:

Reviews conducted by Third Party independent company Reviews.co.uk

Julie Ann – posted on 08 Nov 2017

Very fast and good price. After no help from Thomson/Tui we found this site via trip advisor. We applied on Monday evening for 4 visas which cost a total of £115 including special signed for delivery. Visas arrived all completed for us on Friday. Excellent service. We did look at using another company but noticed it wasn’t secure when we came to pay so this made us look at cubavisa.co.uk can’t recommend them enough.

Robin Martin – posted on 24 Oct 2017

I saw the Cuba visa website and was particularly attracted by the fact that they were totally open about their contact details. There was an address, phone number and email (often sadly lacking with some service providers.) which was reassuring if you needed to contact them with a problem. From the moment I started filling out the application everything went smoothly. The website was easy to follow. Following submission of the application, I immediately got an acknowledgement email and a follow up one informing me when the visas had been dispatched. Sure enough, the next day, the visas arrived. If only everything in life went that straight forward! Well done Cuba Visa!!

SHARON AMANDA – posted on: 30-09-2017 

When you look at reviews on line you always wonder is thats there mum.. aunty or a fake review well this isn’t ! I’m impressed really impressed …. it’s a mine field as some airlines include visas and some don’t ! After being quoted £72 pp for a visa I eventually paid with this fabulous company a whopping £142 for 5! I applied online very simple and got an email confirmation straight away… I’d made a mistake and I emailed back the correct details. I phoned Monday as I was panicking I’d done it all wrong. Quickly reassured and Thursday post all our visas arrived. Amazing.

John -posted on: 28-09-2017 

Before writing this review I’ve waited until I’ve visited and returned from Cuba just to make sure there was no problems with the visa supplied by Cubavisa. I can report there were no problems whatsoever at immigration control. The Cuban Consulate charges £39 to post your tourist card to you and you have to send photocopies of your passport, flight details, hotel as well as a SAE. In short a huge hassle. With Cubavisa I filled in an online form, paid £27 and about 3 days later my tourist card arrived. This may be the single best online purchase I’ve ever made. Very highly recommended.

5 Stars “Quick, efficient, hassle free service!”

Written on: 17/01/2017

Great service. It is incredible simple to fill in the information needed, with good and clear instructions. We filled in the application in five minutes, sent it and we had the Visas with us within 24 hours. It gave us peace of mind to have the documents so fast.
The website had some information about the company, which was helpful and it was also helpful to read other customers reviews about the good service.
I would definetely use the service again and recommend it.

5 Star “Quick and easy to apply. The visas came within days.”

Written on: 14/01/2017 by Robertson219 (1 review written)

It was quick and easy to apply for the visas and they arrived in just a few days. A very good service.

“reliable quick service”

Written on: 25/11/2016 by Annikaz1951 (1 review written)

Have been to cuba many times but this is the first time I have had to apply for my tourist visa card as my tour operators did it in the past. There are many sites out there and was astonished at the prices some charge. Complete rip off !! However Cuba Visa is both efficient quick and reasonably priced. The form to fill in online was quick simple and easy to understand. Recieved my visas within 2 days.. Well done to this company for good customer service.

So what is a Cuba Tourist Visa:

Cuba tourist card example, cuba visa A Cuban Tourist Card or commonly known as a Cuban Visa or Cuba Holiday Visa; is a simple but crucial document that you need to have before boarding your flight to Cuba. A Cuba Tourist Card or Visa is a separate document other than your passport (Not a stamp in your passport) reason why we can issue it and post it to you promptly.

Adults, children and infants require one. For European residents, Cuban Tourist Card will allow you one entry / one exit, and a maximum of 30 days to stay in Cuba from your arrival date. A Cuban Tourist Card can be extended locally for another 30 days, this being the maximum any tourist is allowed remain in the country (60 days).

For other types of Visas for Cuba, please contact your nearest Cuban Consulate.

London, 18 September 2017. 

The Cuban Consulate in London, will not be able to process Cuban Tourist Cards ( Cuba Holiday Visas) for travellers who would like to apply in person. All applications will have to be done by post.

We at Cubavisa.uk still can process your application online, if you are UK, European, Nordic Countries, Iceland, New Zealand, Canada or USA passport holder; any other nationalities will have to apply through the Cuban Consulate in London, by post.

DO YOU NEED A VISA FOR CUBA? The answer is yes. If you are UK / European traveller, going to Cuba for touristic purposes, all you will need is a Cuban Tourist Card. For any other type of Visas, please contact the Cuban Consulate directly. There is no such a thing as Tourist Cards on arrival.There are a few Countries that are exempt from a Cuban Tourist Card please: CLICK HERE to find out more.

We can only issue Cuban Tourist Card to Passport Holders of the following Countries: EU, EE.UU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand living and departing from the UK or Europe, and NOT on direct travel from the USA to Cuba. USA – Cuba direct travel requires a Tourist Card issued in the USA only.
Citizens from other Countries, please contact your nearest Cuban Consulate as it might be required to present additional documents for a tourist application.

How much does a Cuban Tourist Card cost?

The Cost of your Tourist Card is £ 17 + Admin fee + Postal Service.

What are the Requirements before I purchase a Cuban Tourist Card online?

  • EU, Canada, Australia, Japan,South Africa or the USA will have to have at least valid for two months or more from return date from Cuba. Passport holders of other nationalities will need a minimum of Six Months left of their passports from return date.
  • Flights Booked
  • First night accommodation booked (Hotel, Private B&B or Cruise)
  • Not travelling from the USA directly to Cuba, by air or by sea.

Below we have a table explaining costs, time to process and Method of Delivery:

  • Prices Explained.

  • Time to processTime to process
  • Royal Mail postal ServiceRoyal Mail postal Service
  • Delivery: Traceable - Royal MailDelivery: Traceable - Royal Mail
  • Office CollectionOffice Collection
  • Standard Service

  • £27

    per visa

  • Time to process7 working days
  • Royal Mail postal Service1st Class (within 3 - 5 working days)
  • Delivery: Traceable - Royal Mailno
  • Office Collectionno
  • Standard + Special

  • Or + £7


  • Time to process7 working days
  • Royal Mail postal ServiceSpecial Delivery (next working day after posting)
  • Delivery: Traceable - Royal Mailyes
  • Office Collectionno

  • Or + £12


  • Time to processSame Working day (apply before 3 PM)
  • Royal Mail postal ServiceSpecial Delivery (next working day after posting)
  • Delivery: Traceable - Royal Mailyes
  • Office Collectionyes

RECOMMENDATION: For extra Safety, we recommend using Special Delivery, in this way your Tourist Card(s) will be traceable and customarily delivered next working day by Royal Mail. Please note 1st Class Mail is not trackable online, please click here for more info.

  • You can apply for up to FIVE Cuban Tourist Cards on one single application.
  • The base cost is 27 GBP per Tourist Card
  • We only charge ONCE per application for Special Delivery or Priority Service

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need to send my passport to you?

No, you don’t. All you have to do is add your details as per passport. This includes Name(s) Middle Name(s) and Surname(s). if this information is not correct, your tourist card will not be valid.

2. I am not a British Citizen, can I still apply?

We currently can issue Cuban Tourist Cards to passport holders of the following countries: UK, EU, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND only. For any other countries, please contact the nearest Cuban Consulate or check with your local Tour Operator.

3. I have booked a Casa Particular (Private house), can I still apply to you?

Yes, you can. Simply add the address of your Casa into the application and that will be all. Please note that you will need to add just the first-night stay in Cuba. Make sure to print your Casa reservation confirmation and take it with you to Cuba as immigration will request to see this upon arrival.

4. I have made a mistake when filling up the form, what can I do?

We would always like to help you; timing is paramount here. If you just applied and realised, chances are we wouldn’t have issued your tourist card yet, so please contact us ASAP once this happens. However, if you have received your Tourist Card at home and the mistake is spotted it's quite likely that you will have to get a new one. Feel free to contact us if uncertain.

5. Do you sell Multiple Entry Tourist Cards?

No, we don’t. You will need to get a Tourist Card for each time that you enter Cuba. Cuban Tourist Cards are valid for 1 entry and 1 exit with a maximum of 30 days in Cuba. You can extend your stay as a Tourist (local fee required) for a maximum of 30 more days, giving you a total of 60 days in Cuba as a tourist.This extension will have to be requested locally with a fee at your nearest Immigration police.

6. I am travelling in a very short time, How quick can you provide me with a Tourist Card?

You could get issued the Same Day if applied before 3:00 PM. Posting it by Royal Mail Special Delivery will take an extra day to arrive at you. Also if you wish to pick it up yourself or send a Courier, you will also be able to do this, just Contact us to arrange so.

7. I  am travelling directly from USA to Cuba, can I get my Cuban Tourist Card in UK.
Unfortunately not. You will need to check with your USA airline provider or Cruise company for more information as how to get your Cuban Tourist Card from the USA.
Click Here for more: FAQ's page
8. Do you need a Visa to go to Cuba from UK?
Yes, you do. Adults, children and infants require a Cuban Toursit Cards if you wish to holiday in Cuba. Your passport should be valid for at least two months from your return date for British Citizens, all other nations require a minimum of 6 months left of your passports from your return date. A Cuban Tourist Visa is valid for 1 entry and 1 exit, allowing you to stay up to 30 consecutive days in Cuba from arrival. You can also extend you stay for another 30 days once in Cuba by visiting your nearest immigration police in Cuba. This Tourist cards are a physical document and have to be posted to you, no electronic version or copy will be valid to show on departure. Call us for more information.

9. My holidays is been moved dates or cancel, what should I do on regards of my Tourist Card?
Your Cuban Tourist Cards are valid for a year, so if you moved your holiday for March 2018 per say, your tourist cards are still valid. If you or your tour operator have cancelled your holiday you will need to claim the money through your Travel Insurance, we, unfortunately, can not offer a refund as this is physical documents printed with your details and it's only you who can use them.

10. I have booked a TUI Cruise, can I apply for my Cuban Visa with you? As long as your cruise does not go to Cuba directly after a stop in any USA port, yes we can. If your cruise does originate or goes via the USA before arriving to Cuba, please contact your Cruise company for more information, it is likely that you might have to buy a Cuban Tourist Card from a local provider in the USA. 

11. I have got a Thomas Cook holiday, can I buy a Tourist Card from you? Yes, indeed you can. We can only process tourist cards for UK, EU and a few other countries. 

12. Your tourist cards are cheaper than the one in the Cuban Consulate directly, is it the same? Our Tourist Cards are 100% guaranteed and they are the same, as long as you are travelling for Holiday making purposes and not travelling via or from the USA. Our process is much moreAny other type of visa you will have to apply directly from the Cuban Consulate, nowadays they attend by post only. 

Travel or Medical Insurance? What do I need?

Medical Insurance is what Cuba ask its visitors to have before they arrive. It’s worth to mention that Travel Insurance is highly recommended making sure it does come with medical cover….. read more

Travelling via or from the USA to Cuba

Please read the communication that the Cuban Consulate has issued about travelling via or from the USA to Cuba (For UK travellers)….. read more

Countries exempt of a Tourist Card:

There are a few nations that do not require a tourist card….. read more

Process and Delivery Notice

 As mentioned on section " What is a Cuba tourist Visa" on the home/main page and in our terms and conditions, we do offer 3 alternatives for you to process your Cuba Tourist Card. Its important to emphasize no human action is taken from OUR side when filling out your Cuba Tourist Cards, what you fill online is what gets printed on your Tourist card by our automated system, it's important to check properly before you proceed to payment that all details are correct as per passport. We do not accept any liability for any typos or mistakes when you filled this online. From time to time we do random checks and if any obvious mistake is spotted, we will contact you asking about the same, please note that this is not regular and by no means we are liable for any mistakes from your side. 
Once you completed your application online, an automated email will be sent to you, with the information that you provided on our online form. Please Check and let us know if any mistakes, we may be able to change that for you if prompted soon enough. Your application will appear on a system, being queued accordingly to the service requested, we aim to provide you with a quick and efficient service to process and post Your Cuba Tourist Cards. If you opt to have an office collection, please check with us before you arrive, we will be more than happy to confirm a time for collection. We use only Royal Mail, First Class, Special Next Day Delivery and International Track and Signed. We will email you when we dispatch your document or when ready for office collection. if you choose Special Delivery we will email your Royal Mail Tracking Number allowing you to check online where your documents are and status of your delivery. We do keep records of postage taken place, once the Cuba tourist visa leaves our office is entirely Royal's Mail duty to deliver this to your designated address. if any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@cubavisa.uk. Thank you for your preference.

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