Frequently Asked Questions Cuba Visa

How do i Pay with Debit / Credit card?

It is quite simple. After step 5 on your Cuba Visa Online Application Form you will be prompted to our payment screen. On this screen you will be asked to fill your card details, once this is done the next step is our 3D Secure payment on which you will need to add your “Online Payments Password” provided by Verified by Visa or Mastercard Sercure Code. 3D Secure adds an extra layer of safety for your online payments, we strongly recommend using this, you will help fight unauthorized online payments. If in any doubt do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need to send my passport?

No, you don’t. All you have to do is add your details as per passport. This includes Name(s) Middle Name(s) and Surname(s). if this information is not correct, your tourist card will not be valid.

I am not a British Citizen but live in UK, can I still apply?

We currently can issue Cuban Tourist Cards to passport holders of the following countries: UK, EU, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND only. For any other countries, please contact the nearest Cuban Consulate or check with your local Tour Operator.

I have booked a Casa Particular (Private house), can I still apply through you?

Yes, you can. Simply add the address of your Casa into the application and that will be all. Please note that you will need to add just the first-night stay in Cuba. Make sure to print your Casa reservation confirmation and take it with you to Cuba as immigration will request to see this upon arrival to Cuba.

I have made a mistake when fill up the form, what can I do?

We would always like to help you, timing is paramount here. If you just applied and realized, chances are we wouldn’t have issued your tourist card yet, so please contact us ASAP once this happens.

However if you have received your Tourist Card at home and the mistake is spotted its quite likely that you will have to get a new one. Feel free to contact us if uncertain.

Do you sell Multi Entry tourist Cards?

No, we don’t. You will need to get a Tourist Card for each time that you enter Cuba. Cuban Tourist Cards are valid for 1 entry and 1 exit with a maximum of 30 days in Cuba. You can extend your stay as a Tourist (local fee required) for a maximum of 30 more days, giving you a total of 60 days in Cuba as a tourist.This extension will have to be requested locally with a fee at your nearest Immigration police.

I am travelling in a few days, How quick can you provide me with a Tourist Card?

Please check with us, emailing us and giving us a call. We do not offer Saturday Guaranteed. You could get issued the Same Day if applied before 3:00 PM. Posting it by Royal Mail Special Delivery will take an extra day to arrive to you, during week days Also if you wish to pick it up yourself or send a Courier, you will also be able to do this, just Contact us in order to arrange so.

How do I request Office Collection?

Once you completed your online form and pay for your Tourist Card(s) you will only need to email us requesting office collection to the same email that you received. We will then contact you with confirmation of pick up.

Please Deliver my documents to a friend?

When choosing Royal Mail Special Delivery from our “Standard/Special Delivery” or “Priority Service” you can add the name of the person that you like to be able to receive your documents on Step 4 on your Online Application. This is particularly helpful when Royal Mail leaves a “while your were out” card and this person needs to collect your documents from Royal Mail collecting offices, if his/her name is not on the address it could be difficult to collect your documents for you, as Royal Mail collecting office will ask for a proof of ID and proof of address from recipient.

What boarding point should I use?

We have a common couple of scenarios:

  • If you boarding in UK and going through another country before arriving to Cuba, your boarding point will be the Airport that you leave from in UK
  • if you going though a different country, and you staying there for more than a day, you boarding point should be this, example: Travelling to Cancun for 3 days then going to Cuba, Boarding Point = Cancun.

We are a group of 10 or more, how do we order?

We know it can be difficult to fill in details for a group of travelers reason why we do offer an alternative way of processing your Cuban Visas or Tourist Cards.

Please contact us or email us for more information.

I am arriving with a Cruise, what address should I add?

Simply add the Name of your Cruise on the “Hotel Name” field. Remember to check with your cruise company if you need more than one tourist card for your travels.

I am travelling directly from USA to Cuba, can I get my Cuban Tourist Card in UK?

Unfortunately not. You will need to check with your USA airline provider or Cruise company for more information on how to get your Cuban Tourist Card from the USA

I have not received a confirmation email, how can i check if my application went OK?

First of all, please check your Spam or Junk Mail folder in a computer, mobile phones tend not to synchronize this folder or have it hidden inside the mail main folder. If not there, please email us at with applicant’s name and surname. We will promptly get back to you with more information. Alternatively, call us on 02071481727.

My holidays is been moved dates or cancel, what should I do on regards of my Tourist Card?

Your Cuban Tourist Cards are valid for a year, so if you moved your holiday for March 2018 per say, your tourist cards are still valid. If you or your tour operator have cancelled your holiday you will need to claim the money through your Travel Insurance, we, unfortunately, can not offer a refund as this is physical documents printed with your details and it’s only you who can use them.