Taking a cruise from the USA to Cuba

Cruise from the USA to Cuba

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, cruises from Miami to Cuba have been suspended. This change is due to regulatory updates and travel restrictions. Travellers seeking to explore Cuba must consider alternative routes and transportation methods. Despite this setback, Cuba remains a vibrant destination with a rich culture and history. For those interested in visiting, there are still plenty of options available, including flights from various international locations. Stay informed on travel updates to plan your Cuban adventure accordingly. For assistance with Cuban visas and travel plans, please get in touch with us. We are here to help make your trip smooth and memorable.

The information below applies only to non-USA passport holders travelling from the USA to Cuba on a cruise.

From 5 June 2019, Cruises from the USA to Cuba have been banned. You can no longer travel on a cruise departing from the USA and directly or indirectly going to Cuba.

Please note that travel from the USA to Cuba via Air (Flying) is still allowed and you will need a Pink Tourist Card for Cuba, you can only buy it in the USA. For this particular Pink Tourist Card, please get in touch with your Airline in the USA or your Tour operator in the same country.