Double Entry Cuban Tourist Card

We have received several emails in the last few weeks asking about a Double Entry Cuban Tourist Card, and we will explain better what we found out.
We have contacted the Cuban Consulate, and they have told us the following:

1) You can enter Cuba by sea with a Green Tourist Card.
2) There is no such thing as a double-entry Cuban Tourist Card, though two green tourist cards can be used if you enter Cuba twice.

So, one tourist card can be used for Santiago de Cuba and the other for Havana.

Our customers have also told us that the Cruise company is offering these tourist cards at £89 per person, which should cover both stays.
You can contact your Cruise company (Cuba & Treasures Of The Caribbean) for more information on how they process their tourist cards.

It is entirely your choice; you can apply for two tourist cards with us or go with the Cruise offer.